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Organising, Planning and Reminding

Organising, Planning and Reminding

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Keeping track of time

This strategy provides a range of ideas to help students keep track of time during the lesson or school day, as well as helping you remember to use these with them.

  • Teacher planning
  • Everyday use with toolkit student

Organisation revelation

This strategy is to support your student so they have what they need for different activities throughout the school day. Over time it should help your students to self-organise and keep track of their belongings or the things they need through having a system to follow. This can be used with 'Have I got my stuff?' to help the student know where to find their things

  • Whole-class activity
  • Everyday use with toolkit student
  • Gathering ideas

Icky, sticky, let’s get tricky

This is a classroom activity to support the student to understand that everyone needs different things to help them be their best self, and that it’s normal (and not a punishment) for them to use tools to support them at school. It involves making stories about tricky situations

  • Classroom activity
  • Personalised for toolkit student
  • Can return to resources when needed/One off that can be re-used

Moving on and through the day

This strategy will support the student to know what is happening each day, or in the immediate future. It can be tailored to the student’s needs and contains some science around why it is important know what to expect of the day. This can reduce anxiety

  • Personalised to toolkit student
  • Everyday use

Regulation station

This strategy is about creating and using a visual guide for the student to indicate their emotional state, and to guide you and them on how to increase or decrease their energy appropriately. We think it is useful for several modules in this toolkit. This strategy can be used with the whole class or the toolkit student individually

  • Everyday use with toolkit student
  • Classroom activity

Switch the itch

This strategy is about supporting the student to be ready, emotionally or mentally, for a transition or something happening next. It’s all about getting ready for a change

  • Everyday use with toolkit student
  • Good for transition points

Have I got my stuff?

This strategy is about reminding the student when they need to get materials for a lesson or activity, and supporting them to know where to find them. The idea is that over time they will be able to organise their resources more independently

  • Everyday use with toolkit student
  • Whole-class activity

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